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Wall cladding

Berechja College is located in Urk. This is a Christian school for secondary education that places a strong emphasis on innovation and pupil development. It was in need of a new, modern building that would project these same values. Kamplacon is involved in the construction project.

If you are building a school in Urk, you cannot fail to look to the shipping industry for inspiration. This is evident in the design of the new Berechja College. The form and materials chosen for the building give it a maritime character.

Sustainable wall cladding materials

Kamplacon is cladding the façade of this school building using a range of sustainable materials. Aluminium finned grating in the robust colour RAL 9006 is being used to clad the walls. Yellow and white cassette panels made of aluminium composite are being screwed to the underlying wood framing walls. Altogether, Kamplacon is contributing around 2,000 m2 of wall and façade cladding to this project.