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‘Genneper Parken’ parking garage in Eindhoven

Commissioned by Ballast Nedam, we recently started work on the roof and facade cladding for the ‘Genneper Parken’ parking garage in Eindhoven. The prefab concrete elements and the roof covering were also placed here. Sister company Kampstaal was responsible for the steel construction.

The above-ground parking garage consists of 5 storeys and offers space for 640 cars. In the design, much attention was paid to comfort, durability and integration into the natural environment of Genneper Parken. That is why it was decided to cover the lower part of the parking garage on the outside with ivy. The floors above are open and given a natural look by means of slats made of sustainable material. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the parties involved in this project, the work is progressing smoothly. The garage can be taken into use in the autumn of 2020 and visitors to Eindhoven can park their car here, and then travel to the center by public transport or bicycle. 


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