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Breman Genemuiden

For Breman in Genemuiden we have provided a new hall and the adjacent office with roof- and wall cladding. The project was realized in cooperation with Kampstaal. Kampstaal installed the steel construction and Kamplacon installed the roof- and wall cladding. The newly built hall with a dimension of 100x20m and a height of 12m has a total of 2000 m² of roof cladding and 2500m²  of insulated wall construction. In addition to the newly built hall, we also provided the office space with cladding. On the facade, we mounted Silk F cassette panels of SCH-Holland. The modular panel system distinguishes the office from the production hall. Because the office façade leans forward, the alignment process was quite a challenge. Below, you can see a nice impression of the process.

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